About us

Absolute Support is and always will be at the forefront of proving support within a supported living setting for adults with learning disabilities or mental health condition. We currently support 12 adults with learning disabilities who live in three shared houses in and around the Teddington Area.  We also provided support to adults living in their own homes within the community.  As a company, we never lose sight of the fact that we are employed directly by the people we support to enable them to become as independent as they are able and live their lives to the full. We promote individual choice and find creative ways of enabling our clients to make important choices that will impact  on the way they live their lives as we see this as their right.  Our company aim is to ensure none of the people we support are defined by their disability but are seen as the incredible individuals they are who accept and value other people’s differences and are valued members of their community. Absolute Support is committed to person centred planning. Our focus on a holistic, person centred working approach is essential to the support we provide. In practice, this means that every person we support is recognised as a unique individual and has an opportunity to explore their strengths and skills in a supportive environment. Everyone we support has the opportunity to contribute to their own person centred goals and their aspirations are included in plans and reviews.

Our Management Team